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A Hummingbird zips along, sipping nectar and humming a song with swiftly beating wings.

Hummer's Garden

The hummingbird zips,

zapping sweet-flowers,

zing-wings buzzing in the breeze

as he searches for his next

nectar picnic

in a field full of blooming beauties.

Over listless lilacs and Queen Anne's lace

he flits,

the echo of his beating wings

singing them invisible lullabies.

Red poppies greet his arrival,

blood-beacons beckoning Hummer

to court a Cardinal Flower,

or perhaps taste the sweet liquid-music

of Trumpet Honeysuckle.

Who is he,

this light-speed avian conductor?

He is valiant buzz-bird,

a composer humming sounds

and sipping sap

from a garden orchestra

while the Universe

bestows upon them all a standing ovation

of serene and silent applause.

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