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Just a poem I wrote 12 years ago that continues to be my favorite.
Seductive Surrender

Seductive Surrender

Every minute, every hour, every day, every night
My heart and mind races with excite.
Pleasure and lust rush through my veins.
My attraction for you is somewhat insane.
Being near you sends out electricity.
I can’t stop the thoughts from coming so quickly.

More time, more time, more time, is all I cry for.
Together nonstop, you and I behind locked doors.
Sensations increasing and continually it overflows.
What time is it now? Who knows?
Time is irrelevant when I am with you.
A few more moments is all I ask, to lay here and talk with you.

You, you, and more you, is the rant that my heart speaks.
I crave for your attention more and more each week.
All I know that when I am around you I burn with passion and desire.
You have struck the rock and I have made the fire.
I don’t know what will happen in the future.
But to your seductiveness I quickly surrender.

07/24/05 10:57
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