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Recently "rediscovered" this writing of 2014, however re-titled, & added last line 2017
{Originally titled "Scurrying thoughts" Written by me 06/12/2014
Re-titled 09/10/2017 (not much re-written, added the last line)} Dedicated to all author's

An Author's torment

Deep in the recesses of my mind where panthers roam, there is a forest of thoughts and contemplations that burrow forever until the day that which I came to be.
In the midst of that forest, where fairies arise from lilies, and dragons flood the skies; I sit below the only willow tree.

This is the domain that I call my home, away from reality, from the stresses of life.

Thoughts are like dragonflies scattered in the wind.
I have to collect them and what a tedious task it is.

Not every dragonfly is easily caught.

Upon gathering of the thoughts, I can now relax, breathe,
and use my mind to unlock more discoveries,

When discovering new traits and personalities,
I find something that interests me.
Personality traits, I have many.

My personalities line up inside my head like that of a mixed breed dog. Some are friendly, nice, loving; some are rabid, angry, and dark. Some of them are dull and unknowing.

And there are some that are so blank and muddled that I feel lost and confused. These are the thoughts that I am not sure I can call a thought at all. Like a deer staring at light, should I stay or should I go?

These thoughts burden my mind and cause me stress.

Distraught and tangled in a monotonous conglomerate, I am smothered in my own mind thinking.


Clear my mind.

What a better way do so but to sleep.
Yet sleep always eludes me.
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