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a personal response to mental health issues experienced
‘On call’ by Brian Dodd

‘Not feeling well again , dad !’

‘ What’s the trouble son, explain.

Tell me now. I’m listening.

Let me know your pain.’

‘It’s no good , I can’t go on. Feel bad.

My thoughts keep on racing.

I think I’m going mad.

I cannot sleep . I cannot rest.

There’s turmoil in my head.

I’m anxious and confused

I might as well be dead.’

‘ Son , don’t talk like that, please don’t.

These feelings never last.

They’re just intruders in your mind.

Stay strong and they will pass.

I know just how you’re feeling

Darkness, doubts and fear.

At the moment things seem muddy,

But I promise you they’ll clear.

OK, your mind is wandering.

Your nerves on edge, unsteady

But You have so much to live for,

You’ve achieved so much already!

I know it’s not the answer,

It’s peace you need to find,

But please , please take those meds son’

(A band aid for the mind.)

‘Thanks dad for simply being there,

And pray I’ll soon be right

And That I will get better

And darkness turns to light.’

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