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by Jack
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Imagine a person being there in front of you that wasn't really there............
I am many things............but grateful isn't one of them. As I sit at the edge of a bridge, this thought goes through my mind. "Hey there" said a voice from behind me. I turn around and see someone standing there with a stern look in their eye aimed right at me. While turning back around looking back down at the ground far below the person behind me say What's your name..........Confused I turn back to him and say "it's John". He stands there with a sour look on his face and then responds with "No, its not". There was a brief moment of silence that was soon broken "What do you mean It's not" I ask him. He shakes his head in denial "That's not your name if your gonna do what I think your gonna do" he tells me. Which when he says that made me look back at the ground below me. Quickly looking back at the man I ask him "What's it to you" He continues to shake his head in denial "It's not" is all he says. "it's not up to me, it's up to you whether or not that what your thinking is a good idea". I couldn't understand what he was trying to make out with the words he said. As I try to process this thought in my head there was a sudden reaction from what I see before my eyes. A bus goes by a range of 40 to 50 mph and plows into the man with no purpose of stopping whatsoever . Without hesitation I rush to the man to see if he is critically injured. The strange thing was though was that the man looked like he never gotten hit, he was still standing in the same spot that he had before. Surprised to see what happened before me I ask the man Who......Who are you????" That man went from a stern sour face to the most glum look you could have ever seen and finally answers my question by saying..........."I'm dead"
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