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Teaching aTeen driver
We climbed into the white motored contraption. A vehicle built in another era, a survivor of the past millennium, and this beast holds power under the hood. The outer casing is made of strong metal without the plastic molding of newer automobiles. It is meant to withstand the elements, foreign objects found in our path, stray animals on a Kamikaze mission, and even time itself. The inner cabin is constructed of sturdy leather from an actual cow's hide. The interior is soft and supple giving the feeling of being embraced in safety. Even the controls on the dashboard ooze style and refinement offering the driver a ride in the executive suite. Equipped with airbags that are clearly labeled and seat belts providing a gripping stability my car is a haven for the road. My 1997 Buick LeSabre is a classic example of an old car made when driving was easy. So why do I still feel utter panic when I am driving with a new driver?

This is my 3rd and final child to educate as a driver. Will there ever be a time that I can embark on a short jaunt of parental tutelage that won't evoke the desire to poke my eyes out first? Can I dispense with the overwhelming perception of imaginary dangers dispersed in our path? Can I quit becoming the eagle-eyed warrior of the road pointing out obstacles a football field away from the vehicle?

Lord, what I am praying is that you will allow me to relax and allow my child enjoy this experience. It probably doesn't help when I tell him stories about when I learned to drive, especially the one about running over my mother with the car. I am sure in the years to come my children will tell each other stories about what a nervous nut mom was when she taught them to drive. I just tell myself that I am imparting wisdom about what an incredible responsibility it is to be behind the wheel.

We climbed into the white motored contraption eager to consume more driving hours. Practice makes perfect they say. We need nighttime hours. Hell, I don't even like driving at night. Mom is supposed to remain calm. Is that possible? The child did wonderfully. I, however, cannot shake the feeling of being totally out of control. The good news is that we are back on solid ground and have returned home safely. I don't really think that he noticed that I wanted to throw up the whole time.
Safe driving everyone!{/b}
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