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Inspired by Jesus being rejected in his home. Also inspired by David being the first poet
I'm a poet, a modern psalmist
spreading God's word with a twist
In the footsteps of David
my gift of spreading knowledge in heaven was bid
my blessing of sharing wisdom
I dedicate to Jesus in heavenly kingdom

But nowhere is the prophet rejected
like at his home, longing to be respected
but the strangers listen to his word
in his town the prophecy is unheard
people believe in his dreams
but his family doesn't have faith it seems
passers-by receive the healing
while his relatives have judgmental feelings
the crowds increase in follow
but the heads of his allies in shame will bow

he's a poet speaking in parables
the ignorant won't taste the nourishing apples
they won't understand the meaning of his metaphors
they won't walk on water to the shore
for the thirsty the word is beverage
the message brings refreshment
the riddle is made rich
the knowledge is divine enlightenment
the resurrection of dead knocking at the door
will shed the light for more

the well read
won't catch between the lines the unsaid
the truth will be revealed to the lesser ones
to the uncorrupted minds under the sun
It won't be shared with the Pharisee and the priests
the codes won't unlock to the scientists
it won't open up to the critics
it won't be wiped away by the Devil with its tricks
it shall turn over stones and bricks
beware of the false prophets and mimicks
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