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A love story we have been witnessing since our childhood.
He was a normal guy, a plain simple guy, like any other young boy in the world. He has aggression engraved in his blood cells. People dreaded to be around him, for his rage was all over the place. He was termed as a 'monster' by the world.

That's when she entered his life. An epitome of serenity and elegance. She redefined his entire existence. From no-one to the greatest one, he grew up, got matured.

It's not that he had never been in a relationship. He was. But every person that he loved either tried to stay too close suffocating him and suffering themselves or they were too distant that he never got their support when needed.

She was the most sensible woman who knows when to support him and when to give him his space. She wasn't any ordinary woman, for she herself was unique among every single creature in the world. But she chose to stand behind him defining the quote “There is a woman behind every success of a man”.

His fame increased multiple-fold just by her mere presence. Their names were always bound to each other as they couldn't live without one another even for a moment. His love provided her the warmth.

Their relationship took a new turn when a part of their bodies took life to come into the world. He is no different from his father as he too immensely loved his mom. A total mama's boy he never left his mom for a single second. He inherited his father's habit and protected his mother with every evil thing. And his father was proud of his kid.

They lived happily ever after and died together.

Their love story became a saga, and they came to know as the Sun and the Earth, their offspring the moon.

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