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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2143583
An entity finds a family. Daily Flash Fiction, Words: 293


he family decided to put the the Solstice Tree in the Study this year. From his hiding place in the bookcase, behind the volumes of fairy tales, Ka the Racoon, watch the people bringing in decorations for the tree all morning. So far there were brightly colored balls, dangling crystals and lights.
         "Looks like they'd gone all modern by using the light emitting demons instead of the traditional pixie lights. Probably just as well as the pixies tended to get tangled in the tinsel after a while. This Solstice feels different. Funny, I can usually feel an undercurrent of dread or fear but not now." Ka thinks.
         "Ka," Prescott says.
         "Prescott! What brings you to my little hole in the wall?" Ka asked cheerily, his train of thought thoroughly derailed.
         "It is Solstice and all in the family must give something to the tree."
         "But I am not ..."
         "Ka! You are one of our protectors and that makes you part of the family. It is time you step out into the light and join us."
         "I ... don't have anything to," Ka starts to say, pauses and says. "Hold a moment, Prescott. I might just have something appropriate."          Ka slips, briefly, back into the darkness behind him and them emerges holding something metallic. With Prescott in tow, he waddles over to the tree and disappears beneath the lowest branches.
         Ka emerges at the top, it leaning over precariously and they all watch as the raccoon places a silver reindeer with crystal antlers on the top of the tree. He disappears into the foliage to reappear near Prescott. The antler of the reindeer begin to glow.
         "May your days be bright, load be light and find blessings in her sight," Ka says to his family.

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