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The Muller Investigation is the gift that keeps on Revealing
I remember when this all started

The Democrats decided to blame their election loss on the Russians and accused the Republicans of Colluding with the Soviets. The nightly news was a harangue indignant Democratic legislators demanding a Special Investigator be appointed to look into the matter. In a superbly orchestrated performance they each began and ended their allowed time by insisting this investigation be initiated forthwith. It was a classic example of... "Be Careful what you wish for."

After almost a year of investigating there has been no collusion that President Trump was a part of. What is coming out is that over the past eight years there has been plenty of collusion involving the Obama Administration and the Russians. Twenty percent of our Uranium reserves were secretly given to the Soviets and one hundred and fifty million dollars flowed into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation. Is it any surprise that Everything Hillary clinton touched in posturing herself for the Presidency was corrupted. From the Email Server, to the Play for Pay, to the treachery marketing National Security for a bribe, the revelations keep coming. The latest scandal is that Obama, to get his Iran Deal, called off an investigation involving DEA who were trying to stop Hezbollah from cornering the cocaine market in the US. The sleaze of the Obama regime just keeps on coming and getting worse. The next one in the cue is that Susan Rice briefed the President at a dinner of the inner circle on her intentions to unmask political rivals and that Obama gave the green light to use National Assets to surveil the Republican Transition Team.

The Democrats claim they fear that Muller will be fired. This is wishful thinking. The longer the investigation goes on the better it looks ... the dirt keeps coming and the liberals are no longer able to use the levers of power to squelch it.

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