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Contest Entry for Flash Fiction 1.1.2018 WC:231
“Happy New Year!” The gleeful shouts rang throughout the city as brilliant colors and lights filled the midnight sky. It was midnight (WDC time) and it was time to celebrate. He, on the other hand, sat there in the corner where he had been all night, where he had a perfect view of the entire room. While all of the people danced, toasted, kissed, and celebrated with excitement, only he knew what was really to come in the new year. The signs were all around them but they were too naive to put the clues together. He tried to warn them but they called him crazy. He tried to stop it but it was out of his control. He did everything he could to save them but it was impossible to prevent the inevitable. He had been sitting there and watching them every year since the beginning of time. With every passing year, he tried to help but it was always the same, just another failed attempt. The reality is, they are all just people. They were completely 100% incapable of actually completing their New Year Resolutions and yet they still tried, year after year after year. Why they didn’t just give up or find another way, he would never understand. “Happy New Year!” he joined in, though it saddened him that the stink of failure already loomed in the air.

Word Count: 231
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