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                                        Dear me Goals for 2018  247 words

Dear me

Before you can determine what your goals are, for a particular time period, you must first determine what is a goal. Then you need to make sure it is “your” goal and not some item placed upon you by outside influences.

Yes, goals placed on you by outside influences are goals. If you are given a goal by your employer it is a goal. A goal that must be concentrated on and completed. A goal that is placed upon you by family responsibilities and or desires are goals. These goals also must be concentrated on. Hopeful completed.

But do these qualify as your goals. Sometimes, Maybe.

Many times goals that are placed on us and our personal goals are compatible.  But it is only the goals

that we determine are intrinsically our own, will give us full satisfaction.     

By the definition I have applied above my goals that I will include with this letter are influenced by being a member of writing.com, my desire to enter this contest as well as writing 2018.

So, what are my writing goals for 2018?

1          Finish Lady Jayne  a novel I started in 2017 by June 2018. At least 2 chapters a week.

2          Win 3 contests on Writing.com in 2018

3          Have three stories published in 2018. (Probably a little too ambitious)

4          Do a minimum of 96 reviews in 2018. 8 Reviews a month.

5          Find a writing mentor in 2018
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