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I wish I can go back, in to our past/
Take all the bad along, with the sad/
out of all the things that we've ever said/
out of the moments that we've ever had/
Replaced most of it with more of my love/
More of my mind, sex, kisses, and hugs/
Some of those things I should've put in my heart/
In the light part, not part that's dark/
I placed them in my brain now that wasn't smart/
that's where everything always falls a part/
If I was really smart I would've given them to you/
You always know the right things to do/
We both said a lot of things we knew weren't true/
The truth fades away, lies stick like glue/
love is unconditional we shine like glitter/
Shake it off, stick together, make that glue glitter/
If I listen to you more, the less I would talk/
If I stop running away, then maybe you'll walk/
If I called you pet names, you wouldn't call me bitch/
If I was focused more on giving, you wouldn't need to wish/
If held you closer to me, I wouldn't be so cold/
If I acted more mature, you wouldn't act so old/
Is it wrong of me to still want to have your tomorrows/
I need more than today to heal yesterday's sorrow.
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