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Aura part one: STC and Moon Beans
Clenching the post-it note in her fist, Jael looked at Mari and pointed to the building with a clock. “I think that’s the building… ‘Administration’.”

Mari nodded, having noticed as they drew closer that the word administration was imprinted on the side of the building. “So we go in to find his office, and then, what?”

Opening one of the glass double doors, Jael tried to explain, “Dr. Jones actually has his office here at South Texas College but he also teaches at both the University of Texas of the Rio Grande Valley and in the summers at Texas Tech University.”

Mari giggled out, “such long school names don’t they text talk it up at all?”

Alertly navigating the virtually empty hallways Jael muttered the initials, “yeah, uh STC, UTRGV, and TTU.”

A man dressed in official looking Security guard attire was approaching them at a steady pace. “Oh, where did he come from?” Mari asked looking over their heads behind them and to both sides.

Jael didn’t know as she had been attentively trying to find the suite to Dr. Jones’ office and hadn’t seen the guard until now. The guard slowed his pace, looked at each of the ladies to admonish with a stern expression, “You shouldn’t be here,” He looked over their heads. “It’s not safe!”

Releasing her breath while holding a hand under her throat, Mari started to walk after the guard to ask what the danger was. Jael, though, grabbed Mari’s forearm. “We’re here. Let’s go in and grab the stuff before whatever the ‘not safe’ stuff happens,” she had imitated the guard’s dead-pan, yet urgent voice.

“Yeah, okay, well it seems he disappeared anyway…no chance of asking questions…seems unprofessional to me…” Mari answered still looking at where he was walking and was not to be seen anymore. She looked at Jael who was pulling a set of bound papers from a hanging basket on a shut door.

On the drive back, Mari drove carefully while in the passenger seat Jael excitedly thumbed through the papers they had retrieved from Dr. Jones office. “Huh!” Jael exclaimed and closed the pamphlet up. “Off to Texas Tech—uh TTU—tomorrow. Heh TTU tomorrow to find that book at the university’s library.”

Mari shook her head refusing to acknowledge the alliteration. “It’s like this prof has you on a scavenger hunt.”

Jael smiled and privately agreed. She just wanted to find the main resources for her thesis to get ahead since she was about to take the summer off of school. She could have interlibrary loaned the book but it’s pretty old and even if a library has it they may not have it on record...Dr. Jones had used the exact book from the TTU library so she knew it was there and would just go herself to get it.

“Let’s go to moon the stream for coffee,” Jael said.

Mari laughed and didn’t bother to correct her, she just changed lanes and headed for Moon Beans Coffee Shop. They parked and headed in with Jael picking out a place for them to sit knowing Mari was going straight over to order a mocha. Jael picked out a table for two and was sitting for fifteen minutes before she realized Mari was already at a different table in a lively looking conversation. Shaking her head Jael marched over and relieved her regular black coffee from Mari’s grip.

“Oh, sorry, Jael…I meant to put cinnamon in it and bring it to you except this punk here…” Mari indicated with a flippant wave of her hand at a thin, tall guy who guffawed and plopped down into his seat.

Now smiling, Jael went to get the cinnamon shaker to add some to her coffee before returning to that table where Mari still stood.

“So we are all stardust he says, and okay cause doesn’t the Word say ‘from dust you were risen’?” A guy asked confidently.

“That does not mean Neil deGrasse Tyson is a Christian. That is a connection you made from one of his comments and to the Bible,” Mari replied equally confident. Jael almost spit out her coffee.

“WHAT?! You really think that an upstanding scientist would sully his reasoning with a fictional book of religion?!” Jael had got right up close to his face not even caring that she had coffee breath.

Seated next to the guy Jael had snapped at was a girl who stopped twirling the necklace with a cross pendant on it long enough to join in. “I doubt, if deGrasse Tyson is, as you say, upstanding, that he would at all be sullied nor would he be obtuse enough to assume the religion most ascribed to and the holy book it is associated with as fictional.”

Swigging another large swallow of her coffee, Jael straightened her shoulders. Mari pulled up a chair and joined the table sitting next to the third person at the table and quietly sipped her mocha. Jael dragged a chair near the seated four and straddled it so that the back of the chair faced the girl wearing the cross. “Tell me, if you think it is obtuse to think the Bible, right, that’s the title, is fictional, then who wrote it?”

Like a conversational tag team, the skinny tall one spoke up, “All scripture within the Bible is God inspired.”

“OH!! God,” Jael turned a can-you-believe-this face to Mari before continuing with a smirk. “Okay. So then why didn’t God just write the whole book?”

“Haven’t you heard, Gott ist tot?” The third guy seated at the table next to Mari offered.

Mari rolled her eyes. “‘God is dead’ in German, really? A Niche quote?”

“Lay off Niche, Mari, he at least knew that God shouldn’t be in any rational conversation.” Jael winked at her.
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