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A poem in free verse of happy memories cushioning the unhappy ones in the life of the aged
Free verse - 31 rows.

OMA - Old Man Africa

In a state of being, a creature with a heart,
OMA thinks about his life and heritage;
Africa – continent - cradle of humankind.
He blissfully recalls the age of natural wonder,
The beauty of the land, fresh air, pure water
Before being exploited by modern mankind.
Enslavement of Africa’s native peoples,
Millenia of abuse of land and nature
At the behest of European powermongers
Striving to grow their empires and vast rule.

OMA, joyfully recalls the European departure
Leaving the African states again to be free.
Mandela freeing the South African people and
Uniting Africa in a new group of countries.
OMA bows his head once again and sobs
At the thought of reality and the truth,
That the rulers who withdrew still rule
Over the world by economic leverage
And by strategic military dominance,
Destroying nations, people, and resources

OMA spreads his old hands as if in declaration,
He resigns himself to the facts, and he promises
To remain endeared to the Spirit of Africa and
To mother nature as she takes her natural course
Of love and renewal of all that is lost- since,
What goes around – comes around echoes
Across the vast land and the waters of Africa.
As if OMA recalls the quote by Booth Tarkington,
“Cherish all your happy moments;
They make a fine cushion for old age”.
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