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Just something I wanted to write about because I have thought really hard about this.
         Who are we really? Do we have any understanding about who we are or what we are or even how we are? Most people go all their lives pretending to be someone that there not and then the rest of us go our life pretending we know who we are but in the inside we have no idea who we are. People even hide there true colors by way of excuses like drinking or smoking or just not even talking about who they are. We are always hiding something about us that we don't want anyone to know about. We go our own paths and we go our own ways not knowing who we are, but as we go through life and we face challenges we realize a small part about ourselves that we didn't know. We find those we trust and we find those we love, but we never really truly define ourselves to them because we are scared about it. We are scared that someone will find out who we truly are and that scares us sometimes. We are who we are born to be and no one can change that.
         We don't always know who we are so we try all these different types of ways to find who we are but we can't decide, until one day someone shows us the realization of who we might be so we go for it. Sometimes all we need is someone to show us something about who we are and we think about it hard enough that we come to a realization that they may be true. Although, sometimes people think that the only way there true-self comes out is when we drink or we smoke or we hang out with someone long enough that they can be themselves around them and they don't run or they don't make fun of us because of our true colors. We all face something hard in life but we have to decide how we are going to deal with it.
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