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A story poem.
My hunger, it burned, down deep in my tummy.
Mother tried, but could not keep us fed.
I needed to find, something filling and yummy.
Then squinting, I saw something red.

It's long been forbidden to cross that old bridge,
the rickety thing it's become.
For it spans a chasm, from ridge to ridge,
and to walk it, just would be quite dumb.

But, my churning belly was making me brave,
as I knew that red thing was a fruit.
A ripe, juicy apple, which I surely crave,
I'd face even the wrath of a brute!

So I sucked in a breath, and I faced my fears,
then carefully started to cross.
The groaning of old wood brought me to tears,
but I just couldn't face such a loss.

As I came close to the end of the crossing,
I jumped, with all of my might.
I landed then rolled, and took quite the tossing,
then looked up in utter delight.

I was on my knee's at the base of a tree,
full of ripe fruit, shiny and red.
Then I filled up my apron, was stung by a bee,
uncaring, I just shook my head.

A deep voice spoke softly, relaying to me,
he'd witnessed my trip over here.
He saw I was hungry and needed this food,
and said, " Here, let me help you, my dear."

"But Sir, you can't make it safely across,
I barely succeeded, you see."
He juggled some apples with a fluid toss,
then he laughed and said, "Come, follow me."

I followed behind, us both laden with fruit,
and he told me we would be okay.
"For my dear precious girl, there's an alternate route,
and it's only a moment away."

I followed the young man, not fearful at all,
as he led us around a large boulder.
There stood a wall, that was so very tall,
Then he winked at me over his shoulder.

He set down the apples, unlatched some hooks,
then started turning a gear.
The wall slowly lowered, settled into a nook,
retrieving the fruit, saying, "Come right through here."

"Dear Sir all these years, I thought this a barn side,
from my home, it looks just like one."
He'd built it to keep troublemakers outside,
those who steal and destroy just for fun.

We walked to my door, he set the fruit down,
I thanked him for all he had done.
Then I looked up, with a guilty frown,
"Oh, Dan! Now a thief, I am one.

He said that a gal as determined as me,
deserved to receive such a treat.
"When you put these away, come back to see me,
I've more food for your family to eat."

"How can I repay you for all that you've given?
May I at least prepare you a meal?"
"Well, the way I cook I'm surprised I'm still living,
Miss Katie, you've got a deal!"

Three years have gone by, now a woman am I,
and he, a handsome young man.
We are soon to be wed by that old apple tree,
where our love story, first began.

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