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I miss someone and sometimes I wonder why I really miss them
         I have come to the realization that missing someone can be on my mind 24/7. You can really miss someone so much that all you can think about is that person. Missing someone can take a huge toll on you because you don't know whether or not to talk to that person because they might not want to talk to you back. They could just not want to associate with you anymore or they don't want anything to do with you anymore and it can be hard sometimes.
         Take love for example. You were with someone for quite a while and you fell in love with them and they may have said it back or not, but you still have that deep feeling of love towards them and no matter how you go about it they are always on your mind. I fell in love with someone that I deeply cared about and I truly loved, but things ended badly. To this day, I am missing her more and more even though i shouldn't miss her and I should move on, but she was the one that I gave my love to and she had the key to my heart. So I am writing this because I know missing someone is hard. You may end up talking to that person again and they may have changed a lot since you knew them.
         Sometimes you may wonder why you miss them. But then there is always that one thought or that one feeling that is always there to tell you why you miss them. Missing someone you love is one of the hardest feelings to overcome because you gave your heart to them and you confessed your love to them, but things didn't work out because of something you may have done or something they did but you still end up missing them and wanting to talk to them.
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