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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2154009
Someone must be left behind, but who?
"Who will it be then?" asked Rowen while eyeing the room.

"Are we completely certain there is simply no other way?"

"Yes Jan, there is simply no time to wire the shields to open up in time. Someone must stay behind."

"Is it complicated?" Danny wondered, a glimmer of hope was inside him that he would get the reply of yes.

"No, it's just a matter of holding the bar forward as we leave the station."

"We? Oh, so you already made up that you are leaving?" Danny yelled with fury.

"That is not what I meant. Look, lets just make it simple and write our names into a box."

"No!" yelled Clark and went on, "We shouldn't leave who dies to chance. As much as it sounds cold, and I know you will hate me for suggesting it, we should choose the most necessary ones to leave. That way we have more of a shot of getting to safety after we leave the station. Now, I am an engineer and-

"Oh, that's rich," Danny exclaimed with a sarcastic tone. "So, you are the most necessary one huh? What if the shuttle breaks down? Then you are completely necessary, then you have to live. I say, what if the control panel is damaged and the shields need an engineer to raise? I say you should stay to make sure that we don't get squished into pancakes."

"Oh, for fucks sake Danny! Why don't you stay behind then huh? What good have you ever done to us? Constantly bitching about everything and yet you have been nothing but a liability. Why the hell should we need an accountant in a space ship? We are all engineers and security guards, and you are nothing, but a crook. Why don't you just stay behind to save the four of-

The shuttle door closing interrupted her outrage.

"Martin, what the hell are you doing?"

"Someone's gotta do it Jan," he talked behind the thick glass stood behind life and nothingness. His voice was shaky.

"It is pointless arguing. You all have families anyway, I have no one. This is the most logical choice. Oh, and I took your gun Rowen, I hope you don't mind."

"It only has two rounds."

"One too many. Good luck, and, uh, remember me. Please. I think they are coming. Be ready to fire the engines."

He looked only once behind as he ran. He looked at the embodiment of survival that was the shuttle. He looked at it with strong feelings of martyrdom, and at the same strength, stupidity. The screeches echoed as he closed the control room door shut, telling him that he had seconds. He moved to open the communications.

"Are you guys ready?"

"Yeah, the engines are burning, we-

"Raise the fucking bar already!"

"Shut your damn mouth Danny. Let's go Martin, and, thank you."

"It is open."


No more communication relieved Martin just for a second, for they were out. The door started to break down. Martin took one deep breath and did what he had to do.

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