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Day 1 0f 30 for NaPoWriMo
Upon the occasion of his twenty-fifth birthday
Miss Olivia Pemberton presented her beau
a pocket watch with a silver fob.
(t'was a hundred and sixty odd years ago.)

A note enclosed said not to peek
behind false top where the watch was inscribed--
That was for them on some far distant day
of love proven true though often tried.

He went off to serve when called to war
leaving her behind, as yet unwed.
His father gave her the watch when it was returned--
still working yet, now, stained bloody red.

She packed it away, too dear to see,
and years ticked by as life went on.
Then one day she realized how time had flown--
was twenty years since he'd been gone.

She'd married, of course: her father's choice
and they'd grown to find that contented space.
The daughter they shared was about to wed;
she unpacked the watch, cleaned the face.

The jewler smoothed and reinscribed
a new man's name on inner lid.
She told her daughter of hidden lines--
told her the story now long since hid.

New husband was enjoined that day
and he promised to keep the secret well.
Somehow they never found the time
and all too soon did death bell knell.

Olivia's granddaughterwasn't told the tale,
had no clue of secret note
but presented the watch to her intended
never knowing what her grandmother wrote.

Her daughter's man died in WWI
leaving behind a daughter when she died of grief,
Another Olivia who went on to wed
and the seasons turned another leaf.

WWII and then Korea,
Vietnam another generation stole,
Nine generations had walked the earth
and still, the watch kept on time's roll.

The third Olivia and her wife
were joined in marrage on sunswept moor
Instead of a ring, she gave her the watch--
tradition served--new tales in store.

For her wife's name was Roberta,
callied Bobby by one and all
and one day Bobby dropped the watch
and lid released in crash of fall.

Inside the inner lid they saw
four lines beneath two names and date:--
Olivia and Bobby in 1861
had promised each other for marrage to wait.

Four lines etched for years had waited
until this day in 2013-
But it could have been written yesterday
words still true over years between.

Time can be your enemy or your friend--
don't waste a second; all ills mend.
Love in each minute with wings of gold
the years thus fly when story told.

Olivia and Bobby couldn't believe
when they saw the names --theirs yet not.
Full circle spun, time rebegun,
Reaffirming what they've got.

Not rushing time yet looking ahead
to down the road and watch traveling on...
A child who'll grow--moments ne'er lost
Loving sphere to dream upon,

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