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There are those that bring us up and those that bring us down
         When we get down, we build back up. This statement is so true that we don't really realize it. We get those that build us up and build us down. The choices we make build us up and down and all through life it's the same way. We realize those that can build us up because they are there through out our life. They help us when we feel down, they help us through the bad times and the good times. They are always there but we have to really give the thought about who they are and how good they are to us. We can't take these people for granted because they are our support, and we have to show them that we care for them. We got to show them that we are there for them even if we are having a bad time or we aren't feeling good. Those people are the best people in the world and will stay in your life forever.
         I have one of those people. I have been friends with Sydni for 8 years going on 9 and she has helped me through my bad times, and I have helped her through her bad times. We are basically brother and sister and we can't break that bond. She is the only person I can tell everything to. No matter what, she doesn't judge me and I don't judge her. We always have all these people come into our life but we decide who is the best for us. Who brings us up, who helps us, who will never get tired of talking to you, who gets excited when they talk to you, even who helps when we need the help.
         When we get down, it is just a setback into our life. That helps us get through the rest of our life because we know what we can and can't do. We know our limits as to who we are and what we can and can't do. What we set our limits to, help us as we get through life because we don't really want to go over our limits or go past our limits. But there is always something that we want to do or we want to try that we go past our limit that one time and we wonder if its good or not. Just know, that getting down is all part of life and every time we get down, we have the choice to get back up and getting back up, is the best feeling ever because you are always a better person to be able to best the bad and to get back on the right path.
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