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by Vic
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2154799
Life holds a new meaning when you take the time to see
The full moon is rising over the trees,

The crickets are singing a woeful song.

As I sit beneath the canopy of sky

I can feel the wind blowing wild and strong.

Before the dark clouds come rushing in

The moon casts its light across the grass.

I hold my palms up to catch the light

Of stray moonbeams as they pass.

The raindrops start their merry tune

As drops of silver upon my skin;

The flowers bend to open wide

And take a drink of life within.

A dance begins, a merry step

That nature helps unfold;

The drink of life falls all around,

Turning the world to green and gold.

Life, a precious time for all

Of God's living, breathing things;

Take care of all that life can give

And all that it will bring
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