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4-10-18 NaPoWriMo
Dead End sign
at what is obviously
the end of the road.
Just beyond the sign
is a walking trail
(used to be train tracks)
stretching for twenty miles
in either direction.
Just beyond that is a forest
hosting trees two-hundred years old.

Dead End--
nowhere to go.
The End--
Story Finished.

Dead End sign
at the foot of our road
stands sentinel.
Just beyond the sign,
before the trail,
an empty bench,
snow covered at the moment,
empty, cold, stark;
waits for weary walker
to rest upon.

Ded End Bench
conjures up weary souls
waiting at the Dead End of life
on a Dead End Bench
going nowhere
for there is nowhere
to go. End of the Road,
End of their Story,

Just beyond
Dead Endings
life persists.
Cardinals call-- scarlet wings on snowy branches.
Deer roam-- white tails flashing.
Daffodils peek--yellow buds nodding.

Dead End--
Just a little matter of perspective,
of deciding a new direction
to sit on the bench
going nowhere.
at all

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