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Gwen and her mother discuss Gwen's argument with Matt.
_indent)Rough morning?”

         Gwen turned from closing the back door of Terran’s to see her mother seated at the table in the area they designated as their break room. She hung her cloak on the empty hook beside the door and took her time spreading it out so it would not wrinkle. Wen she could no longer put off the impending conversation, she settled in the chair opposite her mother.

         “Matt and I had a disagreement.”

         “About?” Her mother slid a small tray containing a small china pot and cup toward her.

         “His birthday dinner on Saturday.” Gwen poured steaming dark liquid into the cup. She set the pot down with a small clink and blew the steam off her tea. “He doesn’t want me smellinglike the shop around his parents.”

         Her mouther sipped from her own cup before speaking. “You should not be with someone who wants you to hide who you are.”

         “Who am I?” The chair scraped across the floor as she jumped to her feet. “A shop keeper? A student? Who am I?”

         “You are Gwen Terran.” Her mother stood and moved to the small kitchenette across from the table. She came back carrying a small plate with a muffin on it. “I assume you did not break your fast.”

         “No.” Gwen took the plate from her mother and sat. Her insistence on speaking as if she were a character in a fantasy novel confused Gwen. “I haven’t eaten breakfast.”

         “Perhaps, you and Matri- er Matthew should take a break.” Her mother suggested. “While you sort out who you are and what you want.”

         “That’s a bit hard when we livetogether.” Gwen mumbled around a bite of muffin.

         “There is still a room for you at my house.” Her mother said.

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