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4-17- NaPoWriMo
Old school - old fashioned
set in our ways
stick in the mud - some say.
Was accused today of being
from another planet,
of being out of touch,
of being flat out 'wrong'
in our thinking.

Like flannel jammies and floppy old slippers
that fit just so or like a cozy sweater
that hangs and is so NOT fashionable
but I don't care because it is

I've earned

I don't always 'do'
politically correct -
my opinions are every bit as valid
as anyone else's.
One needn't always agree, you see.

I care not what color a person is -
the stripes and pintos are unique and lovely.
I care not what one does in bed
or with whom as long as it's with love.

I'm proficient on computers,
know more than some.
I may not live my life in 142 character
bytes. (Or is it 127?)
Twitter-pated, perhaps.
Not me; them.
Not part of the meme generation.
I wan't helicopter-parented.
I survived.

Historical 'stuff' - is that: history.
Good, bad, right, wrong, atrocious or admirable.
It should never be swept under a rug,
made to 'go away' or be rewritten.
It happened. Viewpoints may change--
as like hip-huggers or scarves
coming back or going out
of style:
they may again!

There have always been
the haves
and the have nots.
There always will be.
Countrys conquor and the winners
are assimilated into the conquored.
Way of the world.

The planet has warmed and cooled
for millions of years. Periods
of heat followed by ice ages. The planet
refreshing itself. Just because
there weren't as many people around
the last time doesn't change the facts.
Economics, you see - now people
don't migrate as they once did, can't pick up and go,
can't relocate. Don't want to leave
their ocean front properties.
The old ones knew when it was time to roam,
to hunt and gather in someplace new.
Guess it is all about being adaptable.

I think certain words should not be heard
or uttered in mixed company. I don't find it
cool or equal or anything positive.
I think it is crass. Words are not commas
and should not be used as such!
Swearing is not polite.
Brought up to be a lady;
firmly imbedded in my psyche.
Like doors being opened,
men walking on the car side of the sidewalk.
Doesn't mean I don't open door for myself or others;
just means I appreciate the gesture!

Granted; I grew up with
debutant balls and Westpoint teas.
Tables set with four forks and spoons
don't faze me in the least.
Neither do bone dishes or salt cellars.
Butter knives are different from dinner knives
or steak knives.
We dressed for dinner, take hats off inside,
stand and salute when the flag goes by
and pull over for funeral processions.

Back in the day,
phones weren't answered
during dinner. Cell phones
are not welcome at our table.
Speaking of which: one tastes food
before adding salt or pepper.
Common courtesy!

Yes, we are old school.
We see nothing wrong with it.
Then again, we see nothing wrong
with kids playing outside,
running and using their
imaginations. Video games come
with timers in our house. Chores are a given.
Helping out is the rule
not the exception.Reading before bedtime,
songs, then prayers.

Don't care
what name you call your God should
you have one; believe in one.
The Golden Rule
applies to everyone!

Trust is paramount.
Lies are unacceptable;
truth is always the right answer.
Accountability - owning one's
accomplishments and one's failures.
Blame used with infinite precision
and rarely. Kindness
is practiced here. Drama
is vastly over-rated.

Old school.
Stick in the muds.
Responsible. Happy.
Filled with joy.
In love, trusting in our other half
without fail.
Without a single doubt.

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