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Short poem, early draft/in progress
Were we made for one another?
Old friend, you and I
are a puzzle without a picture.
Pieces on a table
timidly positioned to fit.

Your smile, a phantom touch and trial.
Leaves my heartbeat
trapped, frantic, on the back of my tongue.
A manic honesty is hovering
like a kiss that never comes.

I hide behind my sincerity. For you
a little practice and I can be fearless.
I can speak frightful truths.
Though my love, often,
is the language of war.

I have a desert heart
where stars and scorpions
dance and fight.
Locked together
like lovers in the dark.

We're both just following
a guiding map of bruises and scars.
Just two wanderers
our shadows crossing on the sand.
Our words, a touch never felt.

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