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by Eobard
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Pip learns a thing about vampire and a empire recruits Hellsing is owned by Kouta Hirano.
In the Hellsing manor the blonde vampire Seras Victoria is in her room coughing. The culprit to is Pip Bernadotte the soul living inside of her... her boyfriend.
"Captain Bernadotte (cough) can you please not (cough) smoke inside of me?"
"No can do Mignonette. You see I like smoking... and I especially love being inside you." What he said made Seras's cheeks turn bright red. She sticks out her left shadowy arm and commands Pip to appear. He grudgingly leaves her body and sits next to her on her casket.
"Pip someday I'll make you act a little more appropriate or at least stop smoking in me."
"I'll consider either of those things if you kiss me. Unless of course you like me making you hot."
While Pip laughed at his own joke. Seras's stomach started grumbling and she had a cruel plan. "Alright Pip if you really want a kiss then close your eye and pucker up." Seras said while trying not to sound as mischievous as possible.
Pip is thrilled that Seras agreed to kiss him and closes his eye then puckers up. With her vampiric speed Seras climbs on top of the coffin and grabs Pip's hair with her right arm pulling his head to her butt. Before he could realize what happened he had already kissed the center of her bum. "Hahahaha you sure did get your kiss ... just not where you thought you would." Pip is disgusted with what he just kissed and tries to pull his head away from her butt. But she keeps it there with her vampiric grip. "People always talk about my big tits but they never notice my arse. Which can do something my rack can't." PRRRrrrraaaapppp! She decides to let out some gas to prove her point. When Pip sniffed the toxic fumes he tried to push her butt away with all his might. Sadly she only moved his head back when he tried to speak.
"What's a matter captain Bernadotte? I thought you liked my curves."
"(Cough cough) Not this way Mignonette. This has only taught me vampires are grosser then the living..."
Seras pushes Pip so he is laying down on the coffin and plants her bum on his face facing his legs.
"Do like you're ciggarets and lighten up Pip." , BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrraaaauuuuuuppppppp!
She forces out a monster of a fart to heat up his face along with her tushy. When the fart started he was already squirming trying to get away from her dairy air. Instead of getting off his face she just shook her ass and let off afew farts in the process. Remembering he is a familiar and a shadow he transforms himself into his shadow form to get away from her arse. But she notices this and uses her power over him to command him to return beneath her then turn back to normal. While being forced back to his previous position. "No fair you controlled my body!" Pip said in a annoyed tone."(Giggles) You used your powers so it was ony fair I used the ones I got... when I drank your blood."
She stops giggling and just smothers him with her butt. Remembering back to Millennium's assault on the Hellsing manor.
BRRRrrraaapppp! She is brought out of her flashback by a bestial fart from her rear. She decides to slowly get up while she gives him a tiny tute, turns around, helps him sit back up.
"If you promise to stop smoking inside of me and stop being a perv. I promise to stop using you as my fart cushion, kiss you when your good, and punish you when you're bad." He sucks in some fresh air before giving her a disgusted look.
" I promise to never smoke inside you Seras. I mean jeez your behind could be a weapon with its canon... or weight." While Pip is fanning his face Seras is insulted by his comment and wants to prolong his punishment. She turns back around and slams her butt down hard on his face. "Really captain hurtful? You were so close to ending my disciplinary action and just maybe getting a kiss from my lips... after your face smells better then shite. But you had to push your disrespectful luck all the way back to my arse. So until I You apologize my arse will be blowing you kisses."
She lifts her bum a litttle so Pip can say his last scared pleading words."Seras I promise to behave just don't..." She lowers her butt back on his face before he could finish and grunts BBBRRRRRRRAAAAAAPPP! After 3 minutes of farting on Pip. Seras hears someone knock on her bedroom door.
"Seras why haven't you left your room? I requested you to accompany me to my meeting with Makube 6 minutes ago."
"Uhh just a minute Sir I'm just disciplining Pip for being disrespectful." Pip tries to yell to get Integra to rescue him but Seras releases an sbd to silence him. "Seras what type of punishment are you dishing out in there." Integra pushes the door and is shocked at what she sees. Before Seras could attempt to lie about the scene Integra walked in on, PRRRRPP! Her butt decides to spill the beans. "I’m (blushes) relieving myself on him until he never wants to smoke in me again." There was no response until Seras let some farts go on Pip. "Good keep up the good work." Integra decides to go to the meeting alone. Just like that Pip's hopes were dashed and Seras was relieved deciding to let out a fart out of relief, PPRRRRrrrrroooppppp! After that he couldn't take it anymore and started crying under her bum. Hearing his muffled cries she lifted her butt to hear what he has to say while still farting. "(While whimpering) I'm sorry Seras Please (cough cough) I promise to stop (cough cough) going in your body to smoke just please stop." She fully gets up, turns around, and plants a kiss on his right cheek. "Apology accepted. (fans nose and Giggles) Now take a bath you stink worse than the undead.(laughs)" Pip sits up and after awhile of un-muffled crying he breaths in clean air to calm down. He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out his lighter and a cigarette. Seeing this Seras just bends down and Pip seeing her rear sigs and puts both the items away. Seras has thaught about this intire event and finds that she really enjoys farting on Pip "Now you need some rest after going thru all that don't you? So how about one more to put you to sleep so we can continue in the morning ok beau?" Pip is shocked Seras is going to use her bum even more and is caught off guard with her grabbing the top of his head and pulling it back to her arse. "No no please I already suffered enough. What more could you possibly want? Unless... please don't tell me you're actually into this!"
"Goodnight Pip and thanks for helping us find something I can do whenever you get on my bad side." And with that, PPRRRRrrrrroooppppp! She releases one finale fart to make Pip pass out. She lets go of Pip's hair and gently summons him back into her body. She then closes her eyes to see Pip is so cute when he is passed out. A buzz from her phone breaks her out of her head so she can see who texted her. She takes her phone out of her pants pocket and it reads.
WFD: We saw what you did and why you did it. In our opinion your situation with your boyfriend is unique and cute.
She looks at the ceiling of her room to find a camera watching her the whole time!
Seras: Thanks that's sweet of you to text.
WFD: He deserved to receive the power of your gas for denying your request and to dare insult your rump! Plus we saw that you had fun. We are putting together a team of gassy gals who like to fart on guys to takeover the world.
She did enjoy it but doesn't want to kill people that way.
Seras: I won't join if I have to fart men to death
WFD: If you get to a man 1st his fate is up to you.
Seras: Fair enough I'll join but who will be the other main members of our revolution.
WFD: Don't worry about that. We our sending you our coordinates so we expect to see you here soon.
WFD sends the coordinates to its HQ and what it stands for with its slogan.
Women Farting Domination
Gotta let loose to rule for womankind!
Seras does a close eyes giggle knowing she has joined the women farting empire.

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