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Daily Flash Fiction - to the city for the first time.
Steph stepped off the bus slowly. She had been trying to take in everything as she moved down the bus's aisle, but stepping onto the concrete brought the city up in her face. The heat enveloped her almost stealing her breath with its thick humidity. She was tempted to step back into the air conditioning on the bus, but the press of people pushed her forward. She felt her world tip as the swell of bodies around her bumped and jostled herr. Smells rose up. Rotting trash, body odor, bus exhaust, fear and uncertainty. For a moment Steph was transfixed by the overwhelming overload on her senses. She gripped the strap of her backpack as if reminding herself it was still there.

Her mind reeled as she tried to remember why she had wanted to leave her sleepy hometown and venture to the big city in the first place. No amount of telling would have prepared her for this onslaught.

She hadn't wanted to move, but the push of people swept her up and she found herself carried in the swell of constant flow.

There was no time to catch her breath, there was no place to go where she could find a moment of peace. All she could do was try to find her barings and go from there.

Thomas's voice came back to her and she forced herself to listen despite the rumble and hubbub around her. "Go to the big church. No one will be there and it will be open."

She would do that. Because then she could catch a moment to think and plan her next step.

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