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Life is good when you're Blue
In 2007 I entered a world of writing as a black case. I had a rough start. I don't remember much of what I wrote, but I remember reviewing. Finally one kind soul saw my heart was in the right place. I needed training, and was told to take the reviewing class. Around the same time a kind soul gifted me a 3 month upgrade. I felt ecstatic and went right into the reviewing phase. Over the years I've learned more about writing and reviewing.

In those early years I became focused on the little numbers in parentheses. They didn't move much. I didn't understand what they meant and I felt Blue about their low number. I read they were rewards given to contributors or such. I forgot about them and moved on to improving my writing.

On this journey it was hard to stay focused when you aren't sure if you're improving. I've had the fortunate opportunity to review other's work and in that process try to encourage them just as I was. This isn't an easy task for most of us.

Then the other day, while I've been away from a computer, I opened my email to find a notice "You are Blue." Me? Then I looked at my case and it wasn't the bright yellow it was Blue!. I found the link to what it meant and I got all teary eyed.

Little 'ole me is now Blue and a Moderator. I don't take this lightly since it's a gift I'm not sure I deserve, but I'm willing to do my best.

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