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A story about family traditions, Chocolate Ice Cream, and Summer (holiday short story).
“Grandma, grandma...”

Jane sat there staring down into her bowl of fresh homemade chocolate ice cream, lost somewhere in another time, a simpler time.

It was the first day of summer, 1965, and Jane was in her grandmother's kitchen with an empty bowl and spoon in hand, waiting anxiously.

“Grandma, how much longer is it going to take?”

“You must be patient, my child. Perfection takes time.”

Jane was beyond anxious. Though this wasn't her first rodeo. This was a tradition that her grandma started the first summer after Jane was born. Every year, on the first day of summer, everyone in the family would go to Grandma's house.

It was always a huge ordeal. Like a celebration of summer, mixed with a family reunion, with a side of homemade chocolate ice cream. Jane stood beside the ice cream churner bounce up and down.

“Jane,” her grandma spoke. “You must sit still. This ice cream will be ready soon enough. Why don't you go outside and enjoy the warm summer sunshine. It's sure to shower this afternoon so you better enjoy the sunshine now.”

Jane hesitate but then looked up at her grandma with a smile and said, “Okay, grandma. But you have to promise to call me in as soon as the ice cream is ready!”

Her grandmother chuckled. “I promise. Now hurry along.”

Jane scurried out the door with her jump rope in hand and her ponytail flapping in the wind behind her.

That was nearly 60 years ago. Now that Jane was the grandma, she intended to keep this tradition alive.

“Grandma, grandma, I want some more!” screeched her little granddaughter, Jasmine.

Shaking her head gently to bring herself back to the present, Jane laughed a little at the child and at the memory of herself with the same eagerness at that age.

“You want some more, do you? Well, bring your bowl here.” Then she dropped another scoop of chocolate ice cream in the bowl and patted the child on the head as she bounced away, back to her seat at the table from whence she came.

Word Count: 352
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