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Something or someone is being dragged home.
They was nobody around when I got up this morning. Usually they is 4 other people here , My daughter, her husband and two grandsons. I walked to the back of the farmhouse and looked out the glass in the door. They all was coming from the back 40 dragging something. I couldn't tell jest what it was because of my old eyes but it was some kind of body. Maybe a deer or maybe a man, I couldn't tell.My daughter Milly walked on up and came in the back door leaving the others still out there with whatever that was they was dragging. I said, "Honey, what are they doing out there this early before breakfast?"She jest looked at me for a minute and then rubbed her face with her hand and said,"They done dragged up a big ole log for the fire tonight Mama. Uncle Dudley and his bunch are coming over."
Now I knew good and well that weren't no log they was a dragging but I jest kept my mouth shut and went on about my bizness. She ain't my real daughter so I kind of lay low if you get my drift.
Well I went back in my room and started croshaying but I heard Joe and the boys outside my window so I snuck over and listened. "Wash the knives up real good" Joe said and handed two big butcher knives to Jake and Randy who was 12 and 13 years old. I saw Joe take on off in his truck and then Jake who is 12, started shaking and crying something awful. Randy slapped him in the face and said,"Shut that up right now afore Gram hears you!" I raised up my window and said,"Too late, I already done heard."
They dropped the knives and came over to my window both crying now. We don't have no screens so I reached out to them and they both tried to hug me. I saw they was bloody and dirty.
"Who was it?" I asked real low whilst I shusshed them both. Randy wiped his face with the back of his hand and looked at the ground,"It was Miss Mills our school teacher," whispered Jake. Mama said she was after Daddy and we had to all help. Daddy took her off in the truck to the bridge."
"We got to go!" I told them ,"Help Grammy out the window." I reached over and grabbed my pocketbook with the keys to my old Ford in it. I had 47 dollars and 25 cents and a full tank of gas. It would have to do.
They pulled me out the window and helped me run off to where my old junker was parked. Good thing we all like camping out and they are great at fishing and trapping 'cause we gonna be hiding out for quite a spell.
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