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Chapter 1 and Introduction of Chip and Salsa, a series about a hamster and an elephant.
Chip and salsa- A new beginning Book 1…...
Introduction to the main characters:
Animal/Color: Grey Elephant
Traits: Tomboy, Brave, Crazy, Loyal
Hobbies: Gymnastics, Writing
Best Friend: Besties and Cousins with Chip

Animal/Color: Pink Hamster
Traits: Tomboy, Bookworm, Weird, Smart
Hobbies: Gymnastics, Reading
Best Friend: Besties and Cousins with Salsa

Animal/Color: Orange Elephant
Traits: Brave, Crazy
Hobbies: Basketball
Best Friend: Chipper

Animal/Color: Yellow hamster
Traits: Bookworm, Smart, Idiotic
Hobbies: Reading, Basketball
Best Friend: Nacho

“Chip! Hurry up we're going to be late for school!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!,” Salsa yelped as she ran in circles impatiently. They were going to their first day of their new High School, and Chip was admiring some footprints. Chip snapped to attention and ran ahead. "We’ll never make it!," Chip said sadly. Suddenly, the girls got an idea. "CORAL!!" They shouted. “Hi Chip! Hi, salsa!,” Said Coral, popping her head through a sewer drain. Chip and salsa hopped in and rode to school. They got there in the nick of time. Salsa was so hungry that she bought a sandwich from school, even though she had just had breakfast!

Next, they stopped by the office to pick up their papers about their class schedules. “YAY WE HAVE MOST OF THE SAME CLASSES!” They both yelled. “I need to change!! I'm still in my gymnastics leotard!” Said Salsa. “We had an hour before we had to leave…” Said Chip. “But I was practicing my kips on the bar we have at home!” Replied Salsa. “Well, the one I packed to come here. I packed all our gymnastics equipment!” Replied Chip. “How did-” Salsa started. “I’m not gonna even ask”

The next day, As the girls headed to breakfast, they bumped into two girls. One was a golden dog, and the other was a pink bunny. “Hi! I’m Banana!,” Said the dog. “I’m Mango!,” Said the bunny. “Hi,” said Chip and Salsa. “Is it fine if we have breakfast with you guys?” asked Mango and Banana. “Sure!!!” They replied happily. “So, my name is Chip!” said Chip excitedly. “And I'm Salsa!!” said Salsa loudly. “And together we are Chip and Salsa!” exclaimed Chip and Salsa together. “Oh cool, we’re the Fruity Bruhs,” said Banana cooly. “Nice name!” said Chip jumping up and down her seat, while Salsa was singing under her breath as she was listening. As they finished breakfast, there was an announcement. “All students, attention, tomorrow will be our science camp, to Yosemite, so everybody come to the gym right now, just a friendly reminder. Thank you.” “Wait today is literally the second day of school…” Chip said. “Oh yeah, you guys came in the middle of the second semester, we actually had a lot of preparations before that, too late now, so let us GO!”
As they entered the gym, they saw Mrs. Priscilla, the principal, at the front, holding a stack of cards. As they all were seated on the ground, Mrs. Priscilla spoke. “Welcome, Ok so speaking of the science camp to Yosemite, we have dormitories, which are basically cabins in the middle of the forest, and we need to decide who is gonna stay in each cabin, so that’s why we have these cards here, and each person is gonna decide who they are gonna be with so let me pass these out. There is one exception. Every person has to choose the others, or almost every other, to be in the cabin.” She passed clipboards, privacy screens, pencils, and cards out. “Ok, definitely Salsa… I don’t know anybody else… Oh yeah! Banana and Mango!” murmured Chip under her breath. She was about to say she was done, but then someone was right next to her and saw her writing, “CHIPPER, NACHO, ESCARGOT”. “OMG!” Chip passed a note to Salsa.

Guys! I just saw some girl write “Chipper, Nacho, and Escargot!” Aren’t Chipper and Nacho boy names, and girls and boys are separate… right?
P.S. Pass it on

Suddenly, Salsa got a message. It was from Chip. She read it and smiled to herself, she slowly replied and wrote:

HAHAHA. Your right! Chipper and Nacho are boys in our science, homeroom, and math class! And the girl sitting next to you is Cinnamon. I know because it says it in her backpack, and when we got our classes, Nacho’s and Chipper’s names were on it. And also, I picked you and the Fruity Bruhs.
Also, Banana and Mango, if you had any friends before we came, you can write them down. No worries.

Salsa passed the note over, silently laughing. Banana and Mango read it separately, so the teacher wouldn't think that they were looking at each other's cards.

Omg Lol, the only friends we had before were Cinnamon and Escargot, but their rude and selfish. So yeah we wrote you guys.

Lol, yeah I wrote you guys

As they all turned the cards in they realized the “assembly” made them skip the 1st and 2nd period. As the third-period bell rang, they marched over, which was Exploratory wheel. “Yay!” Shouted Chip and Salsa. “I LOVE exploratory wheel, cause we’re doing the cooking,” said Salsa. They put on their gloves and apron, and finally their chef hat. “Ok today we will be baking chocolate cake!” announced Mr. Harvey (The cooking teacher). “YAY” cheered the class of students. “Let me just put you into your groups,” said Mr. Harvey. He pulled out a list from his pocket, “Ok so BANANA AND MANGO, CHIP AND SALSA, CINNAMON AND ESCARGOT, CHIPPER AND NACHO…”
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