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The Road Sign and a Deadly Curve in the Road.
The yellow warning sign stood at the curve in the road. The curve where many had lost their lives. People say it was the sign that cursed the curve in the road, but maybe there was something more. Maybe the sign was just the witness to the horrors of the curve in the road and wasn’t responsible for the deaths of so many.
In the small town there was a vote happening to remove the yellow warning sign, the sign that is believed to have caused those deaths, the sign that they believed didn’t significantly warn drivers of the risks of the curve. The sign others believe to be cursed. They were voting to remove the yellow warning sign and put up a new brighter, bigger sign. A less cursed sign. But was it really the yellow warning sign or was it something more sinister at play on this curve in the road. The curve that dropped a thousand feet on one side, the guaranteed death of who ever was unfortunate enough to go over the side of the curve.
The sign stood in it’s spot for over 40 years but the curve in the road still took countless lives. The sign stood and seen the horrors of that curve in the road but could never tell another living soul. Signs on the side of the road do not speak, they do not tell stories, they cannot save lives with the horrors they hold.
This sign has seen more pain and suffering than any other sign on this stretch of road. Yet this sign has to hold the pain in, live with the suffering since no one will listen to a simple warning sign.
It is always late at night, the moon is high and the stars are out. Vehicles come and they go but this is the time that deaths door is the widest. This is the times when the yellow sign cannot save lives, no matter how strong and tall it stands. This is the time a speeding car will learn of this deadly curve. This is the time the dark figure steps out into the middle of that deadly curve, causing the speeding car to go off the side.
You see there is more to this curve in the road and this yellow warning sign, there is more to the curse of the deadly curve, for there is a man, a very angry man, with a grudge against that curve and the speeder who killed the one he loved.
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