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by Eobard
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2162477
Male DS Revan wants his mask Woman LS Revan arrives to rescue someone KOTOR owned by Espyr
Male Revan is Revan, only Olivia calls him Seth, Female Revan is Olivia and renounced the name. This is ony the 1st game for it is fully fleshed out.

On the planet Korriban, in the courtyard of the sith academy. The darklord Revan is with his apprentice Bastila looking at the sky.
"My sister will arrive to rescue our prisoner soon but our confrontation isn't perfect yet. It is missing a certain something...my mask."
"Master I plan on keeping it as a memento for the fir...(struggling to breath)"
Revan couldn't control his rage and force choked her. Realising what he is doing he immediately lets her go.
"B-Bastila I'm so sorry I didn't mean to..."
Bastila breathes then opens her satchel and uses the force to levitate the mask to a nearby fallen pillar. She is disappointed in Revan's show of weakness.
"It's fine Revan but if you want your mask back you need to beat me in a lightsaber duel. But if I win I get to be a master... your master."
Revan shakes his head with a knowing smile
"You're still having dreams of masterhood aren't you? (Bastila has a blushing smile) Well if it's the only way to get my mask back and teach you your place. Then by all means! Go all out Bastila."
Revan ignites his red single bladed lightsaber, Bastila ignites her red double bladed lightsaber, and charges at him. She tries hitting him with a fury of slashes but he blocks them all. Revan goes for a downward swing but Bastila sidesteps it then gives him a roundhouse kick to the side of the face, making him do a 360, land on his back, and drop his lightsaber. Before Revan can recover Bastila retracts/drops her lightsaber, walks to his head, and puts her legs on both sides of his face so he is now starring up her sith robe covered bottom.
"(Nervous) C-c-congrats Bastila. Now help me up and grab my..."
Before he finished his sentence Bastila jumped, moved her legs foward so her butt lands on his face, her legs land on both sides of him [legs over elbows], and then she leans back on her palms for comfort.
"Now now my apprentice that is no way to speak to your master. For telling your master what to do she must now teach you your place... under her."
Bastila sighs in relief after letting loose a fart on Revan's face. When the smell hit him he started thrashing around trying to get her off him. She grabs both his wrists and holds them down.
"Ah, you know apprentice I might give you the mask if you ask me nicely."
Bastila raises her butt so he can gasp, take in some fresh air. Revan is surprised he can get his mask simply by asking for it.
"Can I please have my mask back Basti...?"
She slams her butt on to his face, she is irritated while he is surprised.
"You will only address me as masster! [master is said slowly & 2nd s added purposely] Now kneel before my tush and swear to be my throne and to all ways take my gas. Then I will reward you with your mask."
She chuckles then raises her butt again to allow him to take in some fresh air. He refuses to respond, not wanting to undergo anymore humiliation. so she moves a leg to his '1st lightsaber', lifts her foot two inches upwards, and brings it down.
"(Yelps in pain and winces) Alright I'll do it!"
Bastila gets up off Revan and bends foward a little. Revan turns around, gets on all fours, then kneels behind her bum to face it.
"(Sighs then talks fast) I swear to be your throne, no matter where or what were doing, I'll all ways be there to suffer your gas.(breathes so she lets out a fart, he coughs, and fans nose) Now m-master can I please have my mask to escape your gross farts?"
"Alright lie down and then I'll put the mask on you."
Revan flips up his hood before lying down to get away from her latest gas and closes his eyes, glad that he will no longer have to endure anymore farts. Bastila uses the force to return the mask to her hand, turns around, places it on his face, turns back around, and sits on it. Revan sensed a trick but ignored it.
Revan starts coughing confused as to why he can still smell the horrible gas. But he doesn't try to escape thinking the smell could only sneak in once... and doesn't want to anger Bastila any further.
"(Maniacal laugh) When we started our journey to stop Malak, I went to the cargo hold, ignited my yellow lightsaber, took out the mask,... And stabbed where your nose would be behind the mask!"
Hearing this Revan tries to get her backside off of him. She grabs his wrists, forces them to the ground, lets out a fart, then lifts her butt so she can explain herself... also to let him have some fresh oxygen.
"Trust me Revan I'm doing this for our future. yesterday I got a message on my computer from a woman with the codename Queen. She promised us credits and allies if (farts) I become your gassy master, have women in our empire get men to be there slaves, then get Olivia to make our prisoner her cushion. Now the deal needs me to knock you out so I'll do it with a big one!"
She puts her butt back down and grunts.
With that big stinker released Revan was out of it and slowly lost consciousness. Bastila then took out her communicator and contacted Hk-47
"Hk 'master' orders you to send all the females to the center of the Academy for a important announcement and make sure none of the males are on my path to it."
"Statement: Fine meatbag I shall do as you ordered. Reminder: Only because you are his apprentice and, disgust: love intrest that I follow your orders."
Bastila ends the holographic call, uses the force to get both lightsabers, gets off Revan, and uses the force to levitate Revan near her while she walks to the center of the academy. Planning on informing the girls of the new person in charge and to show them what she wants them to do to all the males of the academy.

Some time later Olivia gets to the entrance of the sith academy. The magnetic door opens and the dean Uthar Wynn comes rushing out. Olivia gets ready to fight him, igniting her single blue bladed lightsaber, easily getting into a fighting pose because of her sleeveless green jedi robes, and flicking her long black hair back to reveal more of her pale skin. But he just ignores her and keeps running from a teenage Sasha wearing a sith robe.
"hut'uun! Ve'ganir jaon olar bal haalur ner shebs's daworir ra ash'amur de oshokita." (Crazy laugh)
[Coward! Get over here and breathe my backside's stink or die by toilet.][lingojam Mando'a Translator]
As they run past her she just retracts her lightsaber and shrugs. From her knowledge of the mandalorian language she knows Sasha said here and toilet.
As she enters the academy she sees no one until getting to the hallway to the dueling room and torture room. She is shocked to see Lashowe sitting on a male student's face and farting on him. Lashowe gets up off the boy she just made pass out. Olivia gets enraged to find that the student she has been torturing is Dustil Onasi... even in a parallel universe her mother instincts turn on to protect her son even if he is a parallel to her own. Olivia uses the force to push Lashowe into a wall knocking her out. Olivia Sighs away the anger and continues to the torture room reminding herself she came here for Flyboy.
She gets to the sliding door but before she opens it she hears someone she knew would be nearby.
"So you're the polar opposite of my precious Revan?"
Olivia turns around to see Bastila twirling her lightsaber around in her right hand with a smug grin.
"Ah Bastila! I knew my brother's apprentice would be the veteran damsel in distress. (Bastila's eye twitches)
"Actually I'm his master and I'm hoping you'll help me by... farting on your Carth untill he is unconscious."
Olivia is shocked by all the things she just said, doesn't compose herself to respond for 2 minutes.
"N-n-number one I doubt he'd allow anyone to be his master... unless when you said you want me to... you already.(Bastila shakes her head) Oh my god that's why he isn't... Forget it! You know a jedi would never help the sith. Finally you'd have me torture him with my farts! I love him, I'm an agent of the light, and he has stopped calling me Revan... So I have no reason to do that to him!"
Bastila's smile grows bigger and she circles Olivia.
"He'll always have trust issues. Maybe he calls you Revan behind your back. Perhaps he spies on you thinking you'll go back to being Revan."
Olivia shakes her head not fully believing what she is hearing. But Bastila knows this has grown her worries.
"You're lying! He knows that I have renounced that name and would trust me never to go back to that life."
Bastila stops circling when she is in front of the door.
"If you are so sure of yourself then lets ask him."
Bastila opens the door and walks inside the room to the cage. Inside it is Carth Onasi wearing tattered rags and sitting with one leg over the another.
"So the dark lord has sent his pupil to torture me?"
Bastila goes to the console and opens the cage. Carth looks at her in confusion until he sees Olivia walk in and he is happily surprised to see her.
"She's actually here so I can prove that you trust me not to go back to being Revan."
"W-what? Of course I trust you. Why wouldn't I?"
He says this while blushing making Olivia less confident in him losing his trust issues.
Olivia knows what she must do and uses the force on Carth to get the truth from him.
"[Force Persuade] you will tell me if you've been spying on me and if so why."
"[Success] I- will tell you I've been spying on you because I think you will go back to being Revan."
Olivia sighs after hearing his confession while Bastila chuckles knowing he has sealed his fate.
"You know punishing the guilty doesn't lead to the dark side... As long as it's not for self gain."
Olivia uses the force on Carth one again.
"[Force Persuade] You will go lie down on the table and not breathe until I sit on you"
[Success] Carth in a trance walks to the table inside the room and lifts himself on to it while rolling so he would lie on his back.
Olivia goes to a side of the table while Bastila goes to the other and they shackle his wrists and ankles to it. Oliva goes to carth's head, climbs onto the table, grunts, then places her butt right on his face.
He is forced to breathe in her terrible gas once she sat down. Carth starts fighting against the restraints in vain trying to stop having to endure her farts. Bastila is a safe distance away so she can enjoy the show without smelling the gas. Oliva lifts her butt a bit and lets out an sbd but Bastila sees Carth holding his breath so she uses one handed force lightning on him. Making him scream in pain just in time for Olivia to fart into his screaming mouth. She doesn't take Bastila's action lightly, force pushes her out of the room, and closes the door.
With her out of the room Olivia gets off Carth and goes to a side of the table. Then she uses the force to remove his shackles. He sits up, starts coughing, then gets off the table to the side Olivia is on facing her. She sees where the lightning hit him and uses the force to heal him.
"Sorry Carth but You deserved that for you know... not trusting me!"
"(Last cough) I didn't deserve to breathe your horrible gas! Whatever lies Bastila has told you..."
"Didn't deserve it?! You've been spying on me even after I've done nothing selfish and she hasn't lied to me! She informed me about your spying! Either way Bastila has gassed her dark lord so I'm gonna follow suit with you... Not gonna lie this is actually enjoyable."
Sensing Bastila's return Olivia grows a smile, force pushes Carth into the side of the table, causing him to fall down into a seated position. Just as Bastila opens the door. Oliva has gotten to Carth, grabbed his head, and rammed her booty into his face.
"You can't escape from this one Flyboy!"
After a whiff of the gas Carth started thrashing around not wanting to endure any more of this torture.
"Wow! I thought after I let you push me out of the room that you two would make your grand escape. But it seems you aren't done teaching Carth a lesson... Since you like this I can show you a message."
Olivia is intrigued by what Bastila has said.
"( Olivia Turns her head 90°) This is a private conversation Carth. Sorry but you can't be conscious for it so (grunts) goodnight my precious admiral."
With that outburst of gas he tries one more futile fight for oxygen before slowly fading to unconscious.
"Now that you've had your fun. I can finally play this message the Queen 'requested' me to show you."
They both go into the sparring room and Bastila gets out her holopad and a blue hologram of a female wearing a cloak with a hood appears.
"Good you both showed your men who's boss. I chose the codename for I will be it on my planet. I'll need a council to make sure my rule is fair. So I'm making one called the WFD. I've sent a portal so go thru it and I'll go into more detail when you get here. Bring Carth and Revan I have cells for them and just remember Gotta Let Loose To Rule for Womankind ."
The hologram disappeared so Bastila puts her holopad away and a white circular tube portal appears out of nowhere to their left.
"The Republic has given Carth a vacation."
"And I've left Sasha in charge as substitute empress."
Olivia goes back to Carth and uses the force to levitate him in front of her thru the portal. while Bastila goes to the headmaster's room. She opens the sliding doors and sees Revan sitting on his side of the bed looking at the floor. Still wearing his robes but has taken off his mask, put it on her pillow, and wearing force dampening handcuffs.
"I was able to get her to join so the benefits are within our grasp (he ignores her) Sadly we will need to leave our empire for awhile to get them but don't worry about I have appointed Sasha as substitute empress."
"(Confused) Why don't we... I mean you master appoint Uthar instead? He has experience as a leader, knows not to betray us, ohh and doesn't seek revenge for me kicking her off the Ebon Hawk!
"(Chuckles) I don't think the women will follow orders from Sasha's slave."
Revan is in disbelief and gets up in anger.
"He's her what?! He has been training the sith students for my empire here for years. And you just let her use my most loyal/experienced sith as a slave!"
Bastila starts walking to him with a stern face and he starts getting a little nervous.
" you know the women are in charge of the sith now. Besides it was either him serving her or you would have to endure two female bums."
Revan is shocked that Bastila had to defend him from such a gross... predicament.
"Th-thanks Bastila I'm proud to have you as my apprentice. I just don't know how to repay you."
Bastila smiles at his words and rubs his head.
"Ohh Revan I love you too much to allow her a chance to "forget" her underwear. (He gulps) But You should know there is a way for you to pay me back.(grins) And you will keep doing so at the new planet"
Before he figures out what it is. She has already grabbed his hair, turned around, and pulled his head to her awaiting bum.
After awhile she exits leaves the room with his mask in hand and enters the portal. All the while levitating Revan near her tush in case she needs to release gas. And so the guardian of justice and the empress of the galaxy set out for a new world wether to change it for the better or bring it under bum.

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