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A Poem About Life, Humanity, and it's cycles
We Become What We Behold

At the beginning of every day,
We become what we behold.
What we feed grows
And what we starve shrinks.
The more we think about it;
The thought travels farther.
The deeper the path;
The more it will affect us.

Like a snowball rolling down a hill,
The smallest conflicts can grow into hell.
We lose ourselves while becoming fake
And be a part of the herd of sheep.
Making the free thinkers feel helpless
And timid fall to the roar of the majority.
We call each other names and they retort,
Will it ever end?

Don't you see that we are the same people
Or are you up too high on your horse
To see that the same people that we hurt
Bleed the same blood that flows through us?
Mending fences and being good neighbors,
Helping all people rather than burning bridges
And tearing at each other's negatives.
We could have been on the same side...

And yet, here we are.
Now, we must figure out what went wrong,
There is a deep division here
That needs healing; unity.
We need to get out of this trap of division;
We are not the enemy.
And once we get out of this trap,
We will need to support and work with each other.

We come what we behold,
If we uphold unity, we become united.
But If we uphold violence, we become violent.
We are all in this together.
And now we must help each other.
Before this ends in bloodshed
And the cycle continues anew.
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