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A love story of two teens from two different worlds
Ella’s mom said that her father was admitted in the hospital because of a sudden heart attack. Ella rushed to the hospital and found her mom crying in front of the reception saying, “where will I find the money to pay the bills”. She ran to her mom and hugged and calmed her,then Ella gave her the money she saved. After a few weeks,her dad got discharged and he thanked Ella. Ella had two thoughts on her mind at the moment one saying,”I saved my dad’s life” and another saying “how am I going to earn the money again”. She thought thoroughly and then decided to work at a cafe. The cafe’s owner was really rude but she endured and worked hard. She worked at the cafe during the evening and worked as a tour guide during the morning. Ella’s life was miserable but she suffered to make her dream come true. One evening when she was getting ready for her work,her boss said that the cafe will be closed for 4 days since his wife was sick.She felt relieved and decided to visit the park nearby which was usually crowded but that day it wasn’t. She sat under a tree and that’s when she noticed........
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