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I just happened to write this
I could speak freely, in anyway I want to
Poems or quotes, or even songs
Speaking the truth, or even lies
Speaking to a man, or even a women
Talking to a friend, or even a stranger
It won't matter, if we don't speak the same
It won't matter at all, if we don't try to understand
It wouldn't matter at all, it wouldn't matter at all

Finding wisdom can never be easy
Wanting to see beyond your limits
Trying to define something in words
Something the eye cannot see
Trying to see with your eyes only
Something that can be felt only
You want to express your heart
That you don't understand at all

Truth and lies comes together as one
They can never be one even if you try
Trust and betrayal comes together as one
A choice of your own to be made
Nobody wants to be lied, only wants the truth
Nobody wants to be hurt even if the truth does
No one can ever be honest, but only to a few
A choice of your own, selecting a few

Truth is the truth and it can take many forms
They can be beautiful, or just as rot
Lies will be lies and it can take many forms
They can be a beauty, or just as a sword
Words will be just words, if you think it that way
Words can be swords too, if you choose it to be that way
But I choose my own words, and It will be wisdom

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Note: written in a time when I had no knowledge of poetry.
Not gonna change it.
A good read is a good ride.
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