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by AC
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Adam's younger brother comes up with a mischievous scheme to embarrass his nerdy brother
It was a hot summer day so Adam and his younger brother Kevin were having a water fight to help cool off, they were both heavily armed with the latest greatest squirt guns, after about a half an hour or so, Kevin saw the top of Adam's white waist band starting to show, and got an idea.

"Timeout I need a refill" he said to his older brother, indicating his gun was empty, before walking towards the house, Adam squirted his younger brother all the way to the garden hose they were using to fill up, but that's when Kevin turned the hose on Adam...or more specifically his pants.

Their next door neighbor, a blonde girl Adam's age named Nicki (who also happened to be Adam's crush) came over to see what all the noise had been about for the last half hour, and also to see if Adam was going to end up in his underwear again...or maybe even less this time. Nicki had seen most of Adam's embarrassing incidents since his family moved next door to hers, in fact the first time they met, his siblings pantsed him in front of her.

"Hey guys whats going on" Nicky said watching Kevin spray Adam's pants, she too noticed the waist band sticking out and grinned

"We're having a water fight...I'm winning" said Kevin

"St--St--I'm Out! I'm Out!" Adam sputtered, Kevin blasted him in the face with the water everytime he tried to talk

Adam turned his back to his brother to avoid another blast to the face, at which point Kevin resumed spraying his pants, and Adam realized he made a grave mistake by turning around, Kevin aimed the water right at Adam's butt and this time his pants dropped about halfway to his knees, exposing his tighty whiteys much to the delight of Kevin & Nicky.

"Haha nice whiteys dork" said Nicky

Kevin just laughed and kept spraying, while Adam tried to pull up his pants, everytime he did he took another blast of water to his face causing him to recoil, and his pants to fall down a little further, after about ten seconds of kevin spraying his older brother alternating between his pants, underwear (which was becoming increasingly transparent) and his face, Adam's pants were around his ankles, his briefs were sagging from being so wet and Nicky and Kevin were beside themselves laughing so hard.

"Ok, ok enough stop!, you win!" Adam yelled at his brother attracting the attention of his older sisters who came outside to see what was going on and immediately burst into laughter

"Ha his pants are down again" said Becky the oldest

"Stop it!" yelled Adam again as he bent down to pick up his pants only to get blasted with water again in the face

He had enough he decided to hold his breath and run for it, he started to run towards the house, which meant he had to run past his brother, as expected Kevin aimed the water for his face, Adam tried to run through it, he was going to get inside, he was going to--Splat! he was going to trip and fall on his face because he just tried to run with his pants around his freaking ankles, he landed butt up right in front of Nicky and to make matters worse between the weight on his briefs from the water and the trip his underwear had fallen down so he was basically displaying his naked butt to his crush

"Haha OMG he just tried to run with his pants down, what an idiot!" laughed Becky barely able to stay standing she was laughing so hard

"What a loser he always ends up with his pants down" laughed Rochelle, his other sister

"Your white butt matches your white undies nerd!" laughed Nicky who had actually fallen over she was laughing so hard

"Nerd Life sucks doesn't it?" Laughed Kevin

Adam didn't even say anything, he just got up red faced and turned away from everybody to avoid the water shots to the face and pulled his underwear up, he bent down to pull his pants up, keeping his face away from the line of fire, his brother focused on the tigyty whiteys again, causing them to fall back down just below his butt, which caused everyone else to laugh hysterically again.

He pulled up his underwear with one hand trying to ignore the laughing, and trying not to cry, he had his pants up to his knees, and tried again to run towards the house, well waddled quickly towards the house really past Nicky who was bright red from laughing so hard, towards his brother who was trying to spray him in the face, Adam pulled his shirt up in the front to shield him from the water, he made it to the bottom of the deck stairs, he was almost there, he was going to make it, his brother had stopped spraying him, he pulled his pants most of the way up, his hands were red and shaking from the cold water and embarrassment, finally this was going to end.

"WEDGIE!!!" shouted Kevin, and before Adam could react his tighty whiteys were yanked halfway up his back, and once again his younger brother and the three girls laughed hysterically

Kevin bounced his brother, and his pants fell back down, which was met with a fresh round of laughter

"Ow...Ow..Ow" Adam said with each bounce, he was bounced until his pants fell off, he fell to the ground, tried to grab his pants, which Kevin grabbed before he could, he ran up the stairs holding his shirt down over his underwear, and trying to hold his underwear up in the back because they were wet and saggy, not too mention stretched out from the wedgie, they laughed at him as he ran up the stairs, shut the door behind him, ran to his room almost in tears, shaking with anger, humiliation, and from the cold water.

He grabbed a towel dried himself off a little bit, put on a dry pair of underwear, and reached for a pair of pants from his dresser, at least it was over.

BANG! the door opened and Kevin and Nicky burst into the room, while he was still half naked, except this time they were armed with cameras, Kevin had an instant camera, and Nicky a camcorder, recording and laughing as Adam tried to desperately to get dressed, trying once to push them out of his room, only for them to come right back in, they laughed and taunted him while he got dressed, after he was finally clothed his brother was finally satisfied and he and Nicky left taking with them pictures and video to remind them of this glorious moment. Adam could hear them laughing and mocking him all the way upstairs for several minutes after, he plopped down on his bed and cried.

"This day can't possibly get any worse" He thought to himself

Meanwhile upstairs his siblings and crush were playing the video they had just recorded over and over again

"Wait til everyone at school sees these pics!" said Becky with an evil grin

"I Know a guy who can put this video on the morning announcements" said Nicky

"I can have these pics put in the yearbook" said Rochelle

"If only there was an online website where we could post the video for the whole world to see" said Kevin

"Yeah like that will ever happen" said Nicky
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