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An inspiration caught in the morning, and a first try after reading Byron and Shelley.
I am a rogue

Read without re-read is an act of a rogue
Just like pick up apples and put
them in an bottomless basket
Catch fish on a boat
with a bottomless net

Read with re-read is an act with great need
Just like bulldozer shove and roller press behind
so that a road was built
New friends to make, old pals to visit
So that the bond was knit

Read with re-read is an act warned by philosophers
Such as told by Confucians to his student
Re-read the old, new will be found
Concluded by Aristotle when he meditate
learn in the first, and think in the second

Read with re-read is an act of a real scholar
Just like historians compile and record
So that human civilization was kept
Archaeologist dig in the dirt
So that world’s past was found
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