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Usually it's hard to say, but I found a way to do it better
Hey Lady
If I could have this one last moment of your golden time
If you are reading this at the time
Simply means, my worst nightmares have come to life
My entire world has gone dark and beyond
Because my most desired Queen has denied my request

Hey Lady
I don't think you would have wanted this
Or even planned us to be like this
Maybe all you ever saw in me, was just a good friend
And for some reason, I can believe that thought
I can understand that thought
And things may have taken an unexpected turn

But hey Lady
I want you to know, despite all of this
Despite the way how, things have turned around
I want you to learn this part
Accept the truth and move on
Because no matter the plans we make
We have to live with the choices we make

And I don't mind being remembered by you, once in your life
For having done something like this
Having written such sweet words
About you, like no one else ever did
About you, like no one else ever can

But the truth is Lady
I want you to be happy, no matter the odds
I will be long gone now, far beyond your reach
Wanting to be the lone wolf, never to be the same
To be better in life, starting all over again
And despite what I can feel at these times
My truth remains unchained
And always remains the same

Hey Lady
Be happy in life
Smile like you always did
Laugh like you always did
Back then we had always met

And simply be grateful, your smile alone
Was enough to change my whole life
That you will always be, remembered in my life
At my toughest times
So I can be, brave enough to make it through alive

Never to be in your way, never to hold you back
Simply moments of you, I will cherish in my mind alone
Having never really lost, despite the outcome
Because Lady, all I ever wanted was
You to smile like a Cheeky Panda at all times

But the truth is sweet Lady
A Goodbye Is A Goodbye.


Word Count 368

Lines 50

Note: written in a time when I had no knowledge of poetry.
And yeah, I'm just gonna leave it the way it already is.
A good read is a beautiful moment.
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