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A love story of two teens from two different worlds
Ella went back to the same park and she sat under the same tree where she found the poster and started crying that's when a guy named Ken who was visiting Thailand saw her crying. He walked towards her and asked her if she was okay, the moment she turned her face to reply to him they both couldn't resist staring at each other. After some time, Ken asked Ella again if she was okay, she burst into tears and told him everything including her dream which she never told anyone other than her parents. He tried to calm her down and politely asked if he could do anything. Ella in a disappointed way replied that Clare's dad was the most powerful one in the village and that there's no hope. He suddenly sat beside her and said that "is Clare's dad the only powerful one in the village?". Ella replied, "yes, the most" then he asked her if she knew Jacob Anderson and she replied, "isn't he the person who bought the company". Ken replied,"he certainly did". With a huge smile on his face, he said: "Hi, my name is Ken Anderson it's nice to meet you". With a twinkle in her eyes, she suddenly smiled and hugged him with joy. There were two things Ella didn't notice while she was laughing. No 1: Clare was watching her all this time with jealousy. And No 2: Ken had fallen in love with her at first site.
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