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Midnight magic, midnight magic, what do you see midnight magic In the air.
The Magic in The Moonlight

Moonlight magic, moonlight magic, what do you see moonlight magic
In the air from the very, very deep summertime breeze.
Where the magic is in its own way majestic
From the freedom of the seas.

The moonlight magic from the summertime breeze has blown
Through the air, has brought significant spells across the neighborhood
That makes everyone want to pray for good in the world zone
Which will not bring any sainthood
In this world.

The significant spells across the neighborhood have made a difference
In so many different ways that the world is calming down for the better
Which gave the world some deliverance
That was not showing up in a phototypesetter.

By Sharmelle Olson
August 2018

Deliverance ~ the action of being rescued or set free.
Phototypesetter ~ a machine for photocomposition.

Line Count: 13 Lines
Word Count: 134 Words
Stanzas: 3 Stanza
Rhyming Scheme: abab, ababc, abab,
Form: Free Form
Prompt: Moonlight Magic
Written For: "Monthly Poetry Contest"
Monthly Poetry Contest  (E)
Poetry Contest
#1993934 by Sunny

Deadline: August 1st - 25th, 2018 ~ Closes at 6:00 pm eastern standard time on August 25th
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