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Its a piece about love, conflict and resolution.
“You’re an asshole” she said;
Voice pitched low, eyes squinted
With a rare frown on her face,
And cheeks red with anger
I blinded myself to the hostile signs
And glided noiselessly towards her
Floating, gracefully like a swan,
I made her unruly with my approach
Clumsily she tried to maintain a hostile posture,
But woefully she failed
For she’d loosened when I arrived
Standing in front of her,
I leaned in gently
“Yes I know, but you love me all the same” I whispered sensually,
With a mischievous smile across my face
“Wham” she slapped me,
I was shocked
I was stunned
I was confused,
Why? What How?
I was still dazzled and disoriented
When she pulled me close and kissed me
As her lips parted mine,
My emotional dissonance departed
The sting from the slap evaporated,
And there was rhythm once again
“I’m sorry” I said looking into those big blue eyes as I broke free to catch my breath,
“I know, so am I” said she
Then we kissed,
As we did, we were elevated to a magical realm,
And in those few minutes of passion,
Life was perfect
For I was with the love of my life
And nothing else mattered
For I was at peace with her in my arms
It felt like heaven,
No this was heaven,
For I was with an angel
And she’d taken me there.
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