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The bonding of pure love

As moonlight dances
across your face
my heart
it skips a beat.

Anticipation builds
until the time
our bodies
finally meet.

With gentle touches
on your skin
I make my
presence know.

Your body moves
in closer
breath releasing
with a moan.

I kiss you softly
on the eyes
then brush your
lips with mine

My fingers tracing
patterns on
your back
then down your spine

There is no rush
we take
our time
exploring one another

Learning every
inch of skin
and how to
surely please each other

Then our spirits
two bodies now
becoming one

A rhythm like
the ocean waves
the heat
a warming sun.

Starting slowly
as it builds
then picking
up the pace

A frenzy
filled with ecstacy
true love now
runs the race.

A shooting star
through space and time
like planets
that collide.

Exploding with
volcanic force
then resting
side by side.

I pull you close
wrapped in my arms
as our bodies
come to rest.

I'll protect your heart
with all my soul
as you lay
here on my chest.
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