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It always hurts to see the one you care about in tears
Hey Lady
If I were to see a tear in your eyes
Filling those sexy eyes
Falling down from your eyes to jaw
Struggling to breathe as you weep
You feel like the end of the world, beyond your control
No one by your side and alone
You wish to end it all, to stop right there

Sweet Lady
I will take you into my arms
Wipe those tears, from your pretty eyes
Cleaning dry your beautiful face
Hugging you close by my side
Looking you in the eye
Reminding you one more time
I am here by your side
Never to leave your side, you are all mine

Yes Lady
I can see those eyes, filled with grief
I can see your face, filled with pain
I can feel your broken heart
I can feel that you are lost
But my sweet Lady
I will make you smile
I will stand by your side
To the end of our times
With no one else by my side
To you only I can sing, I will ring
To you only I will text

Oh, Lady!
For you only can be my sweet Lady, can have my heart
For you only I will dance, writing down my thoughts
My love and joy, my heart and soul
My eyes and my mind, they can work fully only for you
Writing down my thoughts
Wisdom and enlightenment, failures and lessons
Victories and joy, pain and gain
All who I was and who I am now, will work as one
Learning how to understand you; standing by your side
To learn how to be better for you

Yes Lady
To make you smile, to give you hope
Making you never feel alone, understanding your pain
To make you realise, and feel better
No matter the odds, no matter the chances
I will live for you, fight for you
Never to leave your side, never to question your side

Because Lady
I too have been hurt, I too have been betrayed
Feeling lost in this world, to be lost in my mind
Having no thoughts of love, or thoughts of hope
Wanted to end it all, and never to feel at all

But Lady
I am still alive, stronger than ever
Having given up on love before
Only to live and to love myself alone
Never to love another again , or to accept the good in life
Never to go down, without a fight at all

But hey Lady
Seeing you changed my life, seeing your smile changed my life
I want to see that smile every day, to remind my self every day
How God works in mysterious ways
To bring two broken hearts together on their way
Never thought to meet before, ever hoped to see before
To come into your life in so many ways
Staying in your head in so many ways
To make me realise how bad I was
Making me realise, how good I can be
And to you only I shall live
To make you smile, and to give you hope
Like no other man ever could
Like no other man had ever hoped

Yes Lady
That's how much I want to love you
Yes Lady
That's how much I want to see you smile.


Note: written in a time when I had no knowledge of poetry.
Not gonna change it.
A good read a wonderful joy.
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