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When my best mate asked me to write something for him, I came up with this.
Hey Man, Oppo is my name

Look at me and feel the heat, I know you can feel it
Am the kind of guy you would never think
But I am the simplest guy you would ever meet
I don't mind the way people live, I get to live my own way
I don't know many jokes, I didn't even try to learn one
But people always tell me, that I am too funny
And my friends tells me, am the best joker they ever met
And for some reason, I always end up laughing

I don't mind the way people live, I get to live my own life
I like to be free as a bird, and follow my passion
And nothing can be my dream, without playing soccer
Playing a goalkeeper, or rather a mid-fielder
And sometimes as a attacker
Soccer is my dream, soccer is my passion
There is no way I would miss one
Though sometimes, my job keeps me occupied

People tell me life is the real deal
To live my life more seriously, never to take it lightly
Though not a day goes by that I don't smile
Not a day goes by that I don't laugh
Making the best of it and never to waste it
Feeling the joy feeling the freedom
Never to stop and moving on
Never to be someone else

Time change, people change
Along with the weather even my country did
Most of my childhood buddies still remains
Never to be the same what we were at first
But always remaining to be my friends to the end
And some of them I meet everyday
Rest of them, always trying to catch up to me
Having a demanding family
But they are the best I can ever have
And to a loving mother I would never leave

Having come a long way since then
Crossing miles I could never count
Though I have a lot more to carry on
And some of those friends
Who showed me a life, I never thought existed
Showing me the dark side of life
Who taught me to be brave
Who taught me to understand
Showing me the good side of life
Who taught t me to be kind
Who told me to smile no matter the odds
Who stood up for me when danger struck
Who slayed the beasts to keep me safe

Yeah man, Oppo is my name
You can just look at me and feel the heat
Am the simplest guy you will ever meet
I don't mind the way people live
I get to live my own life
I don't even know many jokes
But my friends always tells me
I am the best joker they ever met
Yeah, Oppo is my name.


This was written in a time when I had no knowledge of poetry
Now that I look at and with what I have learnt about poetry, I can see where the corrections are needed. But I will just leave it as the way it is as a personal reminder where poetry started out for me.
It was just for the fun of it ☺️
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