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The key to perfect living, and perfect love, and perfect peace
We frollicked in the Garden,
a paradise of play
and made love in the open light
of newly fashioned Day

Naked joy and innocense
the charge of our advent
we tasted perfect peace and love
on fresh laid firmament

It was not lust or folly
which broke the hearts of men.
'twas not the Tree of Pleasure
that ushered in such sin

Recall your bedtime stories
sweet voices from your past
but for the Tree of Knowledge
that our pleasures didn't last

The Maker fashioned passion
Naked lovers wild, untamed.
It was our own foul judgemnets
that exchanged fair bliss for bane

The key to perfect peace
with all beloved men:
embrace our first formed nature
that in innocense began

True love, is love unhindered
by thoughts of wrong or right
Forsaking ill taught judgement
we may once more taste the light

That Serpent's foul instruction
the base of all despair
The Good Lord pleads "Love Mercy"
And thus Paradise repair

So cast off foul Religion
Let poor shoulds and shouldn'ts die
Become a steadfast lover
Of yourself and all you spy

Seeking purity and purpose
in knowing we live right
The image first presented
Is the key to perfect life...

Lovers in the garden
Warmed by fresh formed light
Knowing one another
Free from Judgement's deadly bite

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