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Want to here a scary story? ( Chapter 1: Ghost stories that will give you chills)
One bright summer day, I moved to a small village in Alaska. I wasn't used to the cold, since I used to live in Arizona. My friends family also moved into the same village. When we found out we both were extremely filled with joy. My friend Christina came over. We rushed upstairs." This house is kinda old..Its freaking me out a bit..." I said, a little scared." Oh come on! Your being a scary cat." Christina laughed. I turned the door knob to my room. We chatted for a little bit. After a couple of hours, we heard banging on my door. What was that?" Christina asked. I got up and slowly walked to the door. I opened the door. Nothing. I closed it and sat on my bean bag. "What did you see?" Christana asked, scared. "Nothing.... Nothing was there at all." I responded. I sighed, and went to turn the lights off. "I think its high time we go to sleep, tomorrrow I will go tell my parents about that." I said. I got into my bed and Christina got on her air mattress. I closed my eyes. I felt a cold hand touch my face. I felt breathing. Then I heard a wisper from a voice i did not reconize." Don't turn off the lights again, you are fine tonight. but tomorrow make sure you have a night light. The voice explained. " Or else, you will loose the on next to you in 1 week." I opened my eyes. Nothing. I walked to Christina and woke her up. "What is it Emily?" She looked up. "We made a mistake. NEVER come into this house again." I said. After that day i always kept some light on. Me and Chrintina became closer after that day. But I swear. Everytime im in any room with the lights turned off. I hear woman telling me to keep a lights on in my room. Like a reminder to not turn my bedroom light off without a light on,even a small light like a flashlight works. Nobody believes me. Except my parents. They told me a couple years later when we moved. "You know, before we moved to the old house... The people who lived here before had a daughter, with a friend who moved their to. The exact same thing happened to them." My mother explained. " But the one thing that was different... The girl didn't listen and turned off her lights. One week later her friend was found dead in her room , she looked like something mauled her. There was a note written in blood, it read ..you should have listened to Marias warning, now you paid the price." I was spooked out then one week later. I found out 80 years earlier. A girl and her friend lived in a old model of the house, they turned off the lights and a man murdered them while they tried to sleep. After that.. the friend tried to kill the children who forget to turn off the light twice. The girl who lived in the house tries to protect the children. I will never forget what happened that night. EVER.
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