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She's alone. Falling deeper into her own head each day. Just hope that she can get back...
         A cat runs across the street as fast as lightening. I smile. I hear my school bus coming and my nose is suddenly filled with the scent of dirt. That's one of them, one of the scents. Vehicle noises smell like dirt.
                   I feel like crying. It overtakes me suddenly. I can't help it. I wipe the tears back.
         The bus screeches forward and comes to a stop a moment later. It's doors wham open their sound not triggering any smells but releasing the smell of sweaty children. I hop on and keep walking down the aisle until I make it to the very back - the last seat on the right.
         It's not raining today and I'm disappointed. A few minutes later we're at another stop and a boy gets on. I have only been to this school a few weeks but this boy is persistent on being my friend.
                             "Rainy!?!" He calls out and then sees me and plops down next to me. Rainy. That's my name. I see it in a deep ivory green.
                             "Hi," I whisper, I still feel like crying.
         We sit quiet for almost the rest of the ride until he ruins it.
                             "I have something for you," He suddenly says and fishes through his bag. Soon he comes back up to the surface and hands me a book, "The girl in it reminds me of you. I thought perhaps you would like to read it."
                   I stare at him.
                             "It's really good and-"
                             "No, I mean why me? Why do you want to be my friend or something?"
                   He looks at me and then turns around. We don't speak for the rest of the day, he doesn't even acknowledge me.
         I didn't mean to hurt his feelings. I didn't mean to be rude. I don't know what I can or can't say. I can't focus and so I just blurt out whatever is on my mind. I've read some of that book he gave me.
                                       Lost by Julia Cameron
                   A young girl who ran away. She doesn't want to play by the rules anymore. She's done. She's intense. She's intelligent.
         She is a lot like me.
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