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S.P.E.W. makes a comeback
Hermione_Granger has created a chat
Hermione_Granger has added DaRedHed to the chat
Hermione_Granger has added BoyWhoLived to the chat
Hermione_Granger has renamed chat to Friend Chat Group
DaRedHed: hi mates
BoyWhoLived: hullo
Hermione_Granger: Hello. Now that both of you are here I would like to talk about S.P.E.W.
DaRedHed: o not this again
BoyWhoLived: Hermione....
Hermione_Granger: Come on, don't you want to help the house elves?
DaRedHed: no
BoyWhoLived: I would but they don't want help Hermione. they like things they way they r
Hermione_Granger: What about Dobby?
DaRedHed: whot about him?
Hermione_Granger: He wants to be free
BoyWhoLived: 1st of all he is free and 2nd of all hes the only one who wants to be free
Hermione_Granger: Oh really?
DaRedHed: YES
Hermione_Granger has added Dobby*Heart*'sSocks to the chat
DaRedHed: o great
Dobby*Heart*'sSocks: Hello Harry Potter
BoyWhoLived: hi dobby
Hermione_Granger: Dobby, what do you think about elf freedom?
Dobby*Heart*'sSocks: Harry Potter helped free Dobby. Dobby is forever grateful. Dobby loves being free.
Hermione_Granger: Yes, and I leave out hats and things so other elves can be free too
Dobby*Heart*'sSocks: Yes, I know! You leave them out and others don't take them so I do and I have many hats and scarves. I love them!
BoyWhoLived: see hermione
Hermione_Granger: Whatever
DaRedHed: good lets stop talking about this
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